#BookBlogWriMo Day 8 – My Blogging Toolkit and Thanks

blogging toolkit thanks 8


#BookBlogWriMo Day 8 – My Blogging Toolkit

**Due to technical difficulties, this post didn’t end up publishing yesterday when I wrote it. Enjoy!

As I’ve said in the past, I could definitely use some better skills when it comes to blogging and becoming more active. As I’m developing I’m continuously coming up with new habits and more expedited ways to post. One of my best tools is my little red notebook, which I will talk far more about later this week. Sparknotes version – I carry an adorable little notebook with me everywhere I go so I can write down my ideas. Currently, I’m trying to write more in general in hope of eventually writing a full length novel; in the interim, I just write bits and pieces, dreams, review notes, etc.

Another part of my toolkit? An alarm on my phone. For example, I have an alarm that goes off every night to remind me to post for this Book Blogging Month challenge. It’s so easy to let the day go by and let life jump in, but to ensure I am disciplining myself enough to do this takes that extra push sometimes.

My Erin Condren Planner is also a major part of my life. I try to use this for everything, though I could definitely be using it for a lot more. All of the reviews I sign up for go in here. I will eventually post about this separately to help others plan, as well.

I also trying to crosspost a lot on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and a couple of other sites whenever I can. I find that Twitter is a great site for things like this. It’s more difficult to gain followers on Facebook, though I do have a decent handful. (Love you guys!)

For some really great ideas, go visit Book Bumbling’s Blogging Toolkit post for today. I did so a minute ago and was blown away. Will definitely be taking some ideas, since I’m growing my blog and following.

30 Days of Thanks – Day 8

I am thankful to live in New England, especially at this time of year. The trees turn beautiful colors, the farm fresh foods are incredible, and the air is crisp and oh so Autumn.

One thought on “#BookBlogWriMo Day 8 – My Blogging Toolkit and Thanks

  1. bookbumblings says:

    I LOVE Erin Condren! I just discovered the website a month or so ago, but I’m already addicted to my life planner (agree that I could use it more – but there isn’t room so I still use to-do lists elsewhere) and built a huge wishlist for her holiday sales/spending Christmukkah money. 🙂


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