#BookBlogWriMo Day 25 – How I Deal With Book Hangovers and Thanks

25 book hangovers

#BookBlogWriMo Day 25 – How I Deal With Book Hangovers

“What is a book hangover?” you ask? Well, it’s not that complicated. Actually, it’s quite similar to an alcohol-book hangoverinduced hangover. They occur when you imbibe in too much great literature. It’s that moment when you shut a book and realize that you don’t have anything left; that world has closed off to you and you’re left at a loss. Your brain stops functioning a bit, you potentially have a bit of a headache, and nothing makes sense. You feel like something has been pulled from you and you’ll never get it back.

These moments are like the plague. I despise them, but I also feel some sense of comfort knowing that I just partook in something incredible and had an experience that I wouldn’t have ever again. I thrive on those book hangovers. Sure, I may crave more, but then I try the following to pull myself out:

1. Think – Jeesh, what a concept! That’s right. I think about what I just read. I let it soak in. It makes me feel a little loopy, and perhaps gives me a bit of a headache, but I sit and think about it. Let it stew. What did I just read? What did it make me feel? Why do I think it made me feel that way?

2. Feel That Loss – Acceptance is important here. I take that emotional trauma and the despair of closing that book, and feel it. Embracing what you feel helps to make those next steps easier.

3. Seek Out the Author – This sort of happens at the same time as feeling the loss. When I finish a book that I really enjoy, I tend to seek out the author to find out what’s next. If it’s a series, I like to know when to expect the next book release. I go forth to ‘like’ the author’s page on Facebook and other sites and learn more about their other potential books.

4. Let Go and Move On – Now comes the moving on bit. Once I have that piece of closure in knowing more books follow or that there are other fish in the library of the sea, I am able to move on. I place that book on my shelf and move to the next indulgence, starting that process all over again. Will I ever learn? I hope not.

book hangover necklage


30 Days of Thanks – Day 25

I am thankful for snow boots and rain boots, and other protective weather gear!


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