B: Book Boys and Lady Loves

So, I figure I can go with something a little more fun for this post and utilize two of my very popular posts. This post is from my Book Blog Writing Month challenge and I’ve also linked book boyfriend and lady loves post from a while back.. I should probably go in and update it.

I love to read about strong, well-developed characters… but then there are those characters that come along that really make an impact. Some of

Book BF 2them inspire you to be better, some make you realize that your problems aren’t so bad, and then others make you drool. I’m a married woman, but I have a whole lot of book beaus and babes.

It’s always really exciting for me to find these characters, the ones that make you swoon. But I despise when they’re put in a story for that purpose alone. I like a character to have substance. I don’t find a character woo-worthy if they are stereotypical jerks, thugs without a cause, are Book BFviolent, or don’t respect women/children/animals/other people. A bad boy can be “bad” on the exterior, but there needs to be some kind of promise in him.

I also won’t read a book solely for the purpose of a “hot guy.” No 50 Shades for me; though no judgement to anyone who has read it. To each their own. That’s just not my own.

Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends and lady loves? What draws you in to their character?

4 thoughts on “B: Book Boys and Lady Loves

  1. S. L. Hennessy says:

    Hi, I haven’t heard back from you about the A to Z Challenge and I’m planning on removing you from the list tomorrow, but I just wanted to double check one last time in case you’re planning on catching up! I don’t want to remove anyone who’s still interested in participating. Just let me know at hennesss @ gmail . com if you get the chance. Thanks!

    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy


  2. David M. Brown says:

    Really good post. I love a story first and foremost but characters are important. I do love the character of Midori in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Had I not met my wonderful wife, Donna, I would have wanted to meet someone just like Midori.


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