#BookBlogWriMo Day 1 – Blogging Over the Past Year

I can’t believe November is back again so quickly! It feels like time just shoots along faster each year. It’s time for me to do another 30 Days of Thanks. Last year I participated in Book Blog Writing Month, hosted by BookBumblings. It hasn’t started running this year, so I’ve decided to create a list of prompts for myself to keep going through this month, with a few influences from last year’s prompts. I’m excited to get started.

This Past Year – A Look Back At Blogging, or Lack Thereof

Today I’m going to talk about this past year. Last year’s post The History of My Blog talks a little about my blog from the start, but this past year has been a crazy one. Reviews and posting took a back seat as I found out in January that I was expecting my first child. Well, from January to August this year I was trucking through reading books, editing, going to school, working my regular job, and growing a baby. One can imagine life tends to get in the way of things. Well, I ended up having him five weeks early and thus delayed some more blogging. Sure, I got reviews done here or there, but not nearly as many as I planned. Now I am playing catch up through December, reviewing the books I read over the last many months.

One big change for me on here is the way I review my books – I did an overhaul on my intense system and decided to go a little simpler and to the point. My ratings are still generally the same, however. There will be a post a little later on this month about this.

I’m also attempting to do a little bit of National Novel Writing Month, though my juju just hasn’t kicked in. I blame exhaustion and being super busy.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 1

Today I am thankful for the month of November. There are so many reason – the autumn, my birthday, Thanksgiving, yummy foods, extra family time, more intense book blogging, and simply a happier spirit. I love this time of year, though it comes with a bit of sadness. Time goes by so quickly and this year I am just trying to take it one minute at a time. Relish in my son’s first months, enjoy spending time with family and friends, and take time for myself. I’m a busy person and this time of year reminds me to slow down.

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