#BookBlogWriMo2015 Day 2 – About The Blogger and Thanks

The Blogger Behind the Blog – Who Am I & Why Am I Blogging?

Amazingly enough, I’m not incredibly fascinating. I know that’s a shock. 😉 I’m just your rebatmangular book nerd… who may or may not be a superhero.

Beyond my book blogging world, I am an editor, human resources professional, mom, theater geek, artist, wife, daughter, sister, student, friend, and goofball. I’m inquisitive and enjoy a good challenge.

I’ve always had an opinion, but not always an outlet to share it. Here I get to read and review and make the world a bit more bookish one review at a time. My husband and I collect books. We both love to read, and our son hopefully will as well.

My newest role is being a mom. My little one is a bit over two months old and he’s perfect. 🙂 His library is already pretty massive. So many wonderful children’s books that I will probably begin reviewing on here, too.

Now onto why I blog – It’s fun. It feels good. I love the excitement of the book world. Getting lost in a book and sharing that adventure, at least on some level, is the perfect outlet for a blog. To be honest, there is no succinct reason why I blog. Before blogging, I didn’t even know this independent world of literature existed… and I’m so glad I’m a part of it now. Blogging allowed me to meet Michele and fulfill my editing dreams. I’ve been able to (digitally) meet so many wonderful authors through blogging. Eventually I will go to a convention. Until then, I’ll keep on blogging.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 2

I am thankful for each new day. Every morning that I wake up is another morning to live. Every morning someone I love wakes up is another day with them in my life. We often go through the motions of our days – wake up, eat, do things, sleep, repeat – and take them for granted.


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