#BookBlogWriMo Day 4 – Why Do I Read?

Why Do I Read?

Reading is a gift. I get to travel wherever I want, be whoever I want, and escape whenever I want. The stories I get lost in are the ones that give me relief from the every day. I read because I can. Because I was raised with the written word as a friend and encourager.

I find joy in discovering those novels that leave their mark on me, imprinting and causing me to think about them for days. I love to read because I enjoy the taste it leaves in my mouth. I crave reading like an alcoholic craves her/her next drink.

My world makes more sense because of books and literature of any kind.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 4

I am thankful for books. Gosh, there are so many reasons why. Books saved my life, my sanity, and my heart. They allow me to do all of the above, to travel to places I will never actually go physically, and to exercise my imagination. They are a gift that keeps giving and I am addicted to owning them all.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic when I think back to the beginnings of this blog; books are where it all began. I’ve been reading since I was very little, I started very young and haven’t been able to stop since. Books make my world go round and I can’t ever have enough. Of course, I prefer those good ol’ sturdy paper copies, but I’m warming up to my Kindle. There’s nothing like that smell of book, mixed with the crinkling of paper as pages turn. The first page is the first step into a new adventure. I’m thankful for such a wonderful escape. It’s like the Pagemaster – I can choose if I want fantasy, horror, adventure… humor, serious, psychologically thrilling… it’s all at the tip of my fingers and I’m very fortunate to own so many wonderful books. My collection grows all the time as my husband and I fill out bookshelves with everything we love, and even some we don’t know yet.

Hey.. if you’re ever looking to pass on some amazing books, keep me in mind.

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