#BookBlogWriMo Day 5 – Childhood Books

Day 5Most Memorable Books From Childhood

We did a book drive for my son’s baby shower, so I really started thinking about this particular prompt. What books do I remember most from when I was little? Well, they all start to flow together because I read ALL the time. I did this same prompt for BookBlogWriMo last year – you can find that link here. In the last few months, I’ve thought of a few more:

aliens-ate-my-homework-bruce-coville-paperback-cover-artMy Teacher Is An Alien
Aliens Ate My Homework
My Teacher Glows In the Dark
Aliens Stole My Body
… and so many more
By: Bruce Coville

I lived and breathed these books growing up. Coville’s writing style and the sci-fi/fantasy vibe of these stories really drove it home for me. I had to have read them about 5 times each. I went to the Used Book Superstore a year or so ago and purchased the whole lot of his books. One is even signed! I will be revisiting these books and reviewing them soon.

easy to see why

Easy To See Why
By: Fred Gwynne

There is something wonderful about this book. I always loved how this book dealt with looks, pedigree, and an overall fun tone. I look forward to introducing this book to my son.


Wayside-School-BooksWayside School series
By: Louis Sachar

These stories are ridiculous. Even picking these books up today causes a bit of a chuckle to make its way from my lips. I love the goofy quality of these stories. I was always a quirky kid, so this was a wonderful way to travel to somewhere quirky and wonder what it would be like there.

What are some of your favorite children’s books?

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 5

I am thankful for the my son. I spent eight months with him growing inside me before he decided to debut five weeks early. I thought I’d experienced love in all its forms, but this love is unlike any other. The way he looks at me, how he holds my hand, the feeling of him falling asleep on me, feeding him in a way only a mother can, reading books to him and watching him examine the pages, the smiles that keep getting larger each day… this list keeps going. I love being able to bond with him and watch him grow. Time goes by so quickly… and right now I am watching him fall asleep right next to me with a cute little smile on his lips and I can’t help but feel I couldn’t love him any more than I do now. Funny thing is… I thought the same thing yesterday and I love him more than I did then. And tomorrow? Even more.


One thought on “#BookBlogWriMo Day 5 – Childhood Books

  1. Rhonda Eaton says:

    Don’t forget your Judy Blume craze! Oh…and the Sammy Keyes mystery series! What was that Snogging series you loved? Wow, you loved to read!



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