#BookBlogWriMo Day 8 – What Makes A Book Blog Work

Day 8

Blogging is an excellent hobby, past time, or career. Sometimes a healthy mix of the bunch. While this is the case, it’s important to understand that their success is up to the blogger. To work, a blogger needs to be committed. None of this halfway “I think I’ll start a blog” business. I’m a culprit of this, honestly. I didn’t really come into this with a plan, just a desire to talk about books. As life gets in the way, I’ve had to adjust and try to figure out the best way to attack this blog. I’m a one-woman show, filled with thousands of pages worth of journeys that books have taken me on, but with so little time to actually talk about them.

That’s another thing – a book blog needs a plan of attack, but also an idea of who will be taking part. Is the blog a team effort or an individual endeavor? Will you post every day? Once a week? What will your posts be about? What types of books will you blog about? What won’t you? How will you go about reviewing books, IF you decide to review? Or are you just going to post promotions for authors? Will you only post positive reviews, or will you also post negative? How will you attack the negative reviews?

To work, a blog needs to have all of this in order. Somehow I’ve managed to make my way through, despite being a small blog with a haphazard way of posting. It’s a learning curve. You won’t come into this without some bumps. For me, blogging is a hobby and a way to share the things I love.

Maybe the biggest piece of what makes a blog work is the understanding that life happens. Events will get in the way of plans, plans won’t be foolproof, and schedules don’t always remain in order.

That being said, stick with it. Blogging, in general, is fun. I love to read, write, and review. This is my place to do that. Honestly, I do it for me. I don’t force myself on a rigid schedule because that’s not my style.

Know your style. Know what you want to write about. And know your audience. Decide on your timeline and come up with a plan A, B, C… etc.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 8

I am thankful for the roof over my head. Having somewhere warm and dry to sleep, somewhere to come home to each day… These are the things we take for granted.

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