#BookBlogWriMo Day 11 – The Mind of a Book Blogger

Day 11
The mind is a fickle thing generally, but once you add books all is lost. Seriously. My mind is all over the place, taking in one adventure or another, falling for one character in one moment and hating them the next… 

As a book blogger, however, I need to pull in all of those directions and feelings and somehow push them through into a review. It’s a real measure of self-control. I love that I can read a book and just freely change how I feel and think, but to put that on ‘paper’ is a silly experience. 

As I read, I keep this in mind, but allow myself to get lost for a little while. Only to come back up for air to sort out my thoughts once I’m finished reading.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 11

I am thankful for freedom of thought.

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