(G) Girls in Modern Literature


Today’s post for the A-to-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter G!

I always struggle with the depiction of females in literature, as I despise reading books about the helpless female who needs saving by the handsome male. Or how about that female in the relationship with the guy who grabs at her and makes her feel bad about herself, yet we’re supposed to root for them as a pairing? I also REALLY hate a trope that pops up every so often where the male is challenged to make a girl fall for him, have sex with him, make her beautiful… and then somehow she finds out and they end up together anyway. What?!

What are we teaching females by romaticizing the helpless female?

I LOVE those books where the female is on top of her game, or learning how to lead. Instead of whining, she speaks her mind. Maybe she’s not completely confident, but she carries herself decently. I LOVE to read about a female who is a great role model. I want to read a book where I can relate to the female character. If there’s romance, I want it to be healthy and real. 

Don’t get me wrong, of course there should be conflict. I don’t mind when she stumbles a bit and learns from her mistakes. Heck, I don’t mind poor judgement calls. I even love romance when it’s done right. Ultimately, however, I want the females I read about to be able to thrive without a guy, to overcome abuse, to stand on their own two feet.

Here are some of my suggestions of modern literature with strong female characters. I’m read all of these books and loved each one. Pick any one off the list to read yourself, I think there’s a little something for everyone.

Unlit Star by Lindy Zart – Amazon Link
Shadow of Deception (The Kazumi Chronicles, Book 1) by Sophia L Johnson – Amazon Link
Never Let You Fall (Tyalbrook, Book1)
 by Michele G. Miller – Amazon Link
Sing For Me (Angels and Arias, Book 1) by Gracie Madison – Amazon Link
The Ark (The Ark Trilogy, Book 1) by Laura Liddell Nolen – Amazon Link
Sleepless (Narrowdale #1) by Michael Omer – Amazon Link

Have you read any other above books? Did you end up snagging one that I shared after reading this post? What other modern books do you think depict a strong female character? Share comments below.

One thought on “(G) Girls in Modern Literature

  1. Fimnora Westcaw says:

    Wow, I think you’ve put your finger on exactly what bugs me about reading anything where the woman is seen as helpless, or if not in general, when it comes to a relationship, she loses her identity and because a seeming appendage of her intended.

    VERY interesting and thank you for that.

    Meanwhile, the thing about happenstance is it brings one on some alt uni adventures when least expected. I was checking out a blog on the A to Z Challenge route, and found that there is a whole side challenge of check out others challenges on a Bonus circuit. So I hopped on that causeway and found myself in a universe, where women don’t only ‘run with wolves’ but lead the pack!

    Great fun seen here.

    Fim of Quantum Hermit: https://fimnorawestcaw.wordpress.com


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