(K) Kindles


Today’s post for the A-to-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter K! 

I always told myself, and anyone who would listen, that I’d never cave and get a Kindle or any other type of e-reader. I refused to sink into the reasons for the demise of paper books. Well, I started this blog and caved a few months later after finding an e-book being offered for free on Amazon. The rest is honestly history.

I used my cell phone for quite some time, hopping onto the Kindle app and changing the font size and coloration of the books I was reading, killing the battery on my phone during late night reads. My husband and parents surprised me a couple years ago with a Kindle Fire, and I swear I started crying. I don’t know why. I think I didn’t expect it. And I’ve always believed that the greatest physical gift you can give someone is a book. When you grasp a book, you literally hold a world in your hands.

I love my Kindle now. I’ve had the same one since that birthday and have filled it with all types of books and games.

The Kindle Oasis just came out, and I’m intrigued by what it has to offer, though the price tag is WAY out of our budget. Besides, why should I buy a new Kindle when my older one is amazing?

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