(T) The Truth

You can’t handle it.

I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews lately from folks who were unhappy with the book they read because it doesn’t have a Happily Ever After(HEA) ending. Or because the topics were too heavy. Or because they didn’t like reading about a gay couple. Or because there was too much romance. Or not enough romance. Or because there was divorce… Gosh, this list could dribble on for ages.

What happened to enjoying reading about the truth? Not every love story has a happily ever after. Not every person is a healthy, joyous individual.

Maybe it’s the need for an escape from real life when you read. The heavier topics weigh you down, when a lot of people read to get away from the things that weigh them down.

I understand why you may opt out of reading this type of book, though I don’t know why you’d read a book with disclaimers about suicide, disease, death, abuse, etc and then give the book a lower rating because the book made you upset.

Just my two cents worth.

One thought on “(T) The Truth

  1. Briana says:

    I think a lot of us read for escapism or to think the world is a nice place for a brief moment (not that it isn’t often a nice place). So I like happy endings, too. But I also like variety in books and I agree that sometimes imperfect endings seem the most real.


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