(V) Valiant Effort and (W)(X)(Y)

This A-to-Z Challenge has been far more successful than it has been over the past couple of years. I went in with an excellent plan, but not a contingency plan. I planned out most of my posts, but decided to not create them ahead of time. I wanted them to be timely. Well, I did not anticipate my class taking over. (W)hatever the case may be, I was delayed. I picked up where I left off and now I’m on track, albeit a little late getting there. Class is done and blogging fits again. I won’t be taking classes this summer due to the last few I need not being offered, so I have some e(X)tra time on my hands to read, blog, and maybe do some theatre on the side!! Along with Momming, wifing, and humaning. I’m still (Y)oung. I might as well enjoy it. Even if I tear my hair out, I know I can always turn to a good book to calm me down.

Z post coming tomorrow along with my closing the A-to-Z Challenge. 

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