A-to-Z Reflections

I made it!! I was a little late with some of my posts, but I worked through it. I didn’t anticipate the course I was taking for my grad program to be as time-consuming as it was, so that was definitely something to work through.

Regardless, I told myself I would finish with at least one of my two blogs, and with that I succeeded. My mom blog was a little harder, as that one takes a bit more effort. I’ve been writing in this blog for almost two and a half years now and it seems to come second nature at this point. I have my groove.

A-to-Z was a lot of fun this time around. I had a lot of interaction with other blogs and gained some incredible new followers! (*waves* Hello!!) so thank you to those who have joined me on this fun ride. 

I’ve been far more active now than I used to be, and I credit a lot of that to A-to-Z. Pushing myself to write was a telling practice, now I can’t get enough.

Until next time, A-to-Z!!!

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