#BookBlogWriMo Day 1 | Thanks


What have you been up to since BookBlogWriMo 2015?

This past year has gone by in a blur. I’ve been editing like crazy and just finished up Michele’s most recent piece After The Fall. It’s always a joy working with her, and I count my blessings every day to be going strong as her editor for the past 2+ years. I’ve taken a much more lengthy hiatus from this blog than I would have liked, but life is pretty hectic lately. With a one-year-old, two jobs, school, and family . . . well, it’s easy to see why I’ve been less active on here. I have these next couple weeks off, so I will be dedicating some more time to blogging. This BookBlogWriMo will definitely be different than the last one. I had a two-month-old at that point and was in no state to keep up with the daily demand of posting, let alone staying awake for extended periods of time.

I look forward to taking part in this year’s BookBlogWriMo, hosted by The Perks of Being a Book Girl. If you want to sign up at any point, jump right in!

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 1

I am thankful for the sound machine in my son’s room. It’s peaceful and helps us all relax after a long day, and it allows me to sneak around upstairs without fear of making too much noise. 😛 

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