BookBlogWriMo Day 4


Have you ever had an itch that you needed to scratch, but your methods just weren’t doing it so you had to grab a stick, or rub your back against a tree, or have a friend help you out? Well, I knew simply reading books wasn’t enough for me, I needed to write and share and vocalize. That’s when I decided to start blogging. Livre It To Me was very quickly born from this and has been a fun project since. I love blogging when I have the time, but also don’t put too much pressure on myself to do so. To be honest, I probably don’t put enough pressure on myself, but more on that tomorrow!

This year’s BookBlogWriMo is hosted by The Perks of Being a Book Girl. If you want to sign up at any point, jump right in!

Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 4

I am thankful for Asian food. Seriously, there’s something wonderful and comforting about a homemade Pho noodle bowl or pork fried rice and chicken fingers. How about some homemade orange chicken? Hmm, now I’m hungry.

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