2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – C

I’m taking part in the A to Z Challenge again this year and my topic is Writing Prompts! I tend to have a close, intimate relationship with writer’s block, so I figured I’d turn this year’s challenge into one that can hopefully help a few others let loose with their words. For those who aren’t authors/writers, definitely still participate! The more the merrier. Have fun with this!

Here we are for letter C!

Write for as long as you want/need, share in the comments (if you are comfortable doing so), and pass word along to your friends. Follow my blog and Facebook page to get all these A-Z posts and more.

Happy writing! ~Samantha

A-Z - C

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3 thoughts on “2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – C

  1. mhsusannematthews says:

    Today I’ll be formatting a revised version of a book for paperback distribution. As an Indie author, I have no choice in the matter, but publishers haven’t been kind to me. Two closed without warning, shafting all the writers out of their royalties, another did her best to pay everyone and return rights, but that left more orphan books. Now, my main publisher will no loner be carrying the imprint I write for. More orphan books. LOL Looks like I’m indie for life.

    Susanne at Living the Dream


    • Samantha says:

      Hi! I’m so glad you like then. I’ve been trying to create some unique ones vs what’s easily found elsewhere. Hope you find some use in them. 🙂 Happy writing!


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