2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – J

I’m taking part in the A to Z Challenge again this year and my topic is Writing Prompts! I tend to have a close, intimate relationship with writer’s block, so I figured I’d turn this year’s challenge into one that can hopefully help a few others let loose with their words. For those who aren’t authors/writers, definitely still participate! The more the merrier. Have fun with this!

Here we are for letter J!

Write for as long as you want/need, share in the comments (if you are comfortable doing so), and pass word along to your friends. Follow my blog and Facebook page to get all these A-Z posts and more.

Happy writing! ~Samantha

A-Z - J

5 thoughts on “2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – J

  1. Kat Seaholm says:

    Ok, prompt: Jealousy makes the world go round.

    I can feel eyes burning into my back, but I ignore them. I’m too busy listening to mother as she tells me to at the egg and vanilla next, to stir it gently into the butter/sugar mixture. Balancing carefully on my step stool so I can reach, I brace myself against the counter and do as she tells me. She smiles at me and I grin proudly back. I can’t believe that I’m finally allowed to help make the cookies.

    The phone rings and mother steps away to answer it. The source of the burning eyes steps into the kitchen, his arms crossed and a pout on his face. My five year old brother whines, “Why do you get to help make the cookies?”

    Lifting my nose in the air with sisterly superiority, I say, “Cause last time mom let you help, you kept eating it. You ate so much you got sick. Do you want to get sick again?”

    His face fell and tears formed in his eyes, “No, but I just wanna help. I wanna help sissy and mom.”

    I sigh. As much as he drives me crazy being a bratty little brother, I hate to see him cry. “Don’t cry. If you are good and let mom and me make these cookies, I’ll have a tea party with cookies and you can have two.”

    He nods eagerly and flies from the room to go get the tea party set up. As mom comes back from the phone call, I turn my attention back to the cookie dough and grin. Maybe Mom would like to come to the tea party too.

    I hope this is kinda what you’re looking for. Happy Wednesday!


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