2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – M

I’m taking part in the A to Z Challenge again this year and my topic is Writing Prompts! I tend to have a close, intimate relationship with writer’s block, so I figured I’d turn this year’s challenge into one that can hopefully help a few others let loose with their words. For those who aren’t authors/writers, definitely still participate! The more the merrier. Have fun with this!

Here we are for letter M!

Write for as long as you want/need, share in the comments (if you are comfortable doing so), and pass word along to your friends. Follow my blog and Facebook page to get all these A-Z posts and more.

Happy writing! ~Samantha

A-Z - M

3 thoughts on “2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge – M

  1. sarahbutland says:

    Separated Together

    The distance between us, the television the only sound and tension the only feeling is disheartening. The disconnect of relationships is evident in what can be seen as the most “social” era where it’s easy to find people secluded in their houses, staring at a screen.

    Break the tension, reach for a hand and hug one another to find meaning in the quiet mayhem and cause chaos and love. Find it first within yourself and you’ll see the colours deepen, the stars shine brighter and the truth of who we are.

    A blog, a post, a worthwhile share is where we’ll find each other and ourselves so thanks for reaching out!

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful and more!

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