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I have a confession to make. I’ve never watched Friends. Well, I’ve watched maybe a handful in my lifetime, but never really paid attention.

So here I am, potentially a third of the way through my life, and I’m just watching this thing. I’ll share reactions to each episode when I watch them, potentially sharing multiple episodes at once, SO SPOILER ALERT for everything. 

SPOILER ALERT for those like me who have not watched the show either. Well, here goes!

Season 1, Episode 1: The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate

  • Well, here goes…
  • Oh, 90s style should never make a comeback.
  • These characters are very over the top – mostly Rachel and Ross. I kind of want to mute this when Rachel talks…
  • I need to keep in mind this is just the Pilot, so it’ll be a little messy.
  • Phoebe is interesting.
  • S1E1Phoebe’s acting is on point.
  • I do like Rachel’s hair, though.
  • A box TV set! Throwback!
  • Poor Paul.
  • So this was in front of a live audience, but the laughs were definitely modified.
  • Oh, Paul… Noooooo….
  • Yup, Rachel is a whinebag…
  • They’re all baaaaabies.

Season 2, Episode 2: The One with the Sonogram at the End

  • Back at Central Perk. I do like this setting.
  • The theme song is catchy, but of course I knew that before jumping into this show.
  • Lots of unnecessary movements for a TV show – head bobs, extraneous hand movements, etc.
  • Oh, so here’s the lesbian ex. I love that she’s not a stereotype.
  • I like Monica and Phoebe so far.
  • Ugly naked guy, huh? 
  • That lasagna looks awful.
  • This sidebar conversation between Ross and Monica would be overheard so easily.
  • Good delivery on the Carol situation.
  • Wait, people used to go home with videos of their sonograms?! 
  • It does look like a little sack of potatoes. Baby J did, too.
  • Oh, Rachel, you were doing so well. Kind of.

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One thought on “The One Where She Watches Friends

  1. jrose88 says:

    I didn’t watch Friends until my twenties — basically because in college I was hanging out with a friend while she had an important paper to write, and she set me up with the complete dvd set because she could still concentrate on the paper with that in the background.

    Since they switched to a new actor for Carol after the pilot, which one do you like better?


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