*About Me*

I enjoy the adventure of getting lost in a book.

I am a small woman with a phenomenal love for books, music, art, family, and friends.

In my world, there is nothing better than opening a book and getting lost in the pages. I’m not just a one-and-done reader; I love to read books multiple times, revisiting them after a little while like an old friend, and seeing what the new experience is.

I’m a wee bit sarcastic and tend to say it like it is, so reviewing is a wonderful experience for me.

I have a degree in English and Journalism, with an innate ability to find editing errors in professionally published works. If you’re interested in having me review or edit something of yours, please be sure to fill out the forms in the appropriate header links. 

As an editor by trade, I’m a stickler for the Oxford comma, a believer in the semi-colon, and an Honest Abe when it comes to content (if desired). I edit for Michele G. Miller, an amazing independent author who has taught me so much about the indie world. I also proofread for Mindy Hayes, another independent author with  a creative mind and wonderful works of literature. I look forward to digging deeper into this realm and expanding to other clients, as well. Please visit my “Editing Services” page for more information.


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