A Quick Update

I’ve had an exciting last few weeks . . .

  • I recently finished editing Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost by Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller. Can I just say how absolutely amazing this piece of literature is? You can find the Amazon Kindle link HERE. Check out some of those incredible reviews? I’m so proud to say I was a part of the process. Watching the characters transform and seeing how great Mindy and Michele worked together was a wonderful experience.
  • I have a third editing client, but more on that at a later date. Let’s keep the suspense rolling.
  • I’m back to blogging. I took a mini hiatus as I was finishing up Paper Planes and followed up with a breather. Now that it’s almost summer, I will be posting at least once a week.  There are many reviews, tips, and writing prompts coming your way.

Let’s do something easy – what are you currently reading? Did you recently read anything interesting? Share in the comments.  

A Little Update

Life has been pretty crazy lately, but I can’t complain too much. reading mindEach day is a brand new adventure, especially when I have a book in my hands. There’s something wonderful
about going from the stress of the day to the comfort of words on a page. Reading is yoga for the mind, and I love finding my Zen. 


Here’s a little update on what’s been going on with me:

  • I was laid off of my full-time job the week before Christmas. The company I was working for laid off 200 employees, and since I was one of the most recent to start, I was one of the first ones out. Being a recruiter during a hiring freeze isn’t promising, since the work relies heavily on hiring. It’s been a rocky road, but I am confident I will find something great again. In the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy.
  • I’ve been spending a LOT of time with my almost 5-month-old son. He’s pretty fantastic, honestly. I’m constantly amazed by him. You can read more about my adventures as a first time mom over on my other blog, Steps In Mommyhood.
  • I’ve been editing Michele G Miller’s soon-to-be published book titled West and it’s soooo good. West is a mirror of the From The Wreckage series, but from West’s point of view. This is one that you seriously shouldn’t miss! More information to come!
  • I am really excited to announce that I am now Mindy Hayes’ proofreader! I love her writing style and energy, and I can’t wait to dive into her work! I may also have another client for editing, though this has not been confirmed yet. If you’re interested in my editing services, please reach out to me. 🙂
  • I started school back up on January 4th and I’m enjoying my class on Organizational Development. Still maintaining my 4.0 GPA and balancing all of life’s goodies. I’m also looking into taking some editing courses to continue honing my skills and staying up-to-date.
  • I signed up for the A-to-Z Challenge again this year. Since I jumped on board so early for this go around, I am working on pre-loading all of my entries to stay on target. More on this to come in a separate post. In the meantime, if you have a blog, definitely consider signing up for this.

I’m working on creating a better system for posting on this blog in general. I will be working in editing and style tips, writing prompts, and other fun things. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Feeling a bit bookish…

This is a really exciting time in my life – as I’m expecting my first little one on about 10 weeks. Time has flown by, potentially at warp speed.  My belly is out to there and I’ve been a bit sleepy. Baby is kicking and squirming up a storm these days, which I love! My book-themed baby shower is next weekend and then we will get to go house on our literary themed nursery preparation. Pictures and posts are surely to come about those!put book down

The best thing about this huge bump is that it makes a great table for things like ice cream, cereal… and books! It’s the perfect place, though the baby has started pushing back on the books. Maybe that means he’s excited to read? Wishful thinking? Let’s hope not. :p

I started my leave from grad school this month, so I’ve had a lot of time to read! This week I’ve worked through two books, so that means two reviews are coming this weekend!

I’m looking for some good ideas for decor for the book nursery – what are some of your favorite childhood books? Book quotes? etc.

What have I been up to lately?

Life sure does have a habit of hopping in the way of, well, life. At least that’s how it was for the first few months of this year. This life, however, is one I’m so excited about. I’ve been “growing a baby” since January and I can’t wait to meet him. While this little bundle of crazy kicks and internal snuggles is growing, I’ve also been doing some other fun things.

I’ve been working my regular job and continuing my grad school work slowly but surely.

Beyond that, I’ve been working my fun job! Editing! Earlier in the year, I edited Michele’s newest book Into The Fire. This book is so well-written – you can read my review on Amazon here. The last couple of months have been spent doing a cover-to-cover re-release edit of both of Michele G. Miller’s Prophecy of Tyalbrook books. Let me start out by saying that Never Let You Fall was my first introduction to Michele. I got it for free as a special deal when I got my Kindle and figured “Hey, why not?” Prior to this I really hadn’t read much indie work… then BAM! I met Skye and Xander, and then searched Michele’s author page on Facebook. The rest is really history… At this point, I’ve edited five of her books on some level.

Now I’m back at reading again and it’s wonderful.

For those of you who visit my blog regularly, you may have noticed there has been a significant face lift. I’ve edited my pages, added surveys for book review requests and editing service inquiries. I also added a glossary of the reviews I’ve posted to this blog. I’m liking it thus far.


What have you been up to? Are you reading anything interesting? Share below!

F: Finders Keepers

imageIt’s no secret. I love books. I’m not the only one in my family who has this love of books. It was passed onto my by my family and hopefully myfrozen book buying meme husband and I will pass it onto our little one(s). I dream of owning a house big enough that I can dedicate an entire room to the smaller scale replication of the Beauty and the Beast library. (Lofty dreams, eh?) This type of book collection growth can be a costly hobby unless you know where to look. I am a HUGE fan of used bookstores, those buy bookslittle hole in the wall places that have wonderful deals and great finds. Yard sales are also another place to find a treasure trove of fun books. I like to look at this type of purchase as a kind of adoption, if you will. I’m adopting these previously owned books and bringing them into my family for future love.

Until I own that massive, drool-worthy library with built-in bookshelves along all of the walls, I should probably make sure there’s a bit more shelf space in my house, huh?

buy more books

D: Did You Know?


Did you know…

… that S.E. Hinton was only 17 years old and still attending high school when her first novel The Outsiders was published?

… Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, was a descendant of one of the Salem witches? (Huffington Post)

… there is now a musical version of Finding Neverland, previously a movie sharing the life of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan.

… Kirsten Dunst’s first modeling job was as a cover model for Ann Martin’s book series The Baby-Sitter Club, specifically for the book Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. (Buzzfeed)

Do you have any fun facts to add? Share them down in the comments. 🙂

C: Three More C’s To Hook Me Onto A Great Story


Last year I posted a similar article to this one entitled The Four C’s To A Great Book and A Successful Review From Me. To follow suit, here are three more C’s that I want when I real a book:

A little chaos goes a long way. I don’t need stories I read to have something crazy happening at every turn of the page, but I like when something is going on. A good issue that throws the characters into a bit of a frenzy. The issue or driving force.

This actually falls in two places: the characters and the writing. I really hate reading a character who is deprived completely of any kind of confidence. There is something in this world that makes people tick, keeps them going… find this in a character. It is hard to find common ground with a character who is just a true Eeyore. The only time this works is if there is another character to balances them out. That being said, it is difficult to read about a character who just doesn’t care about anything. This rarely happens in anything I’ve read and I hope it stays that way. If there is some sort of spark or passion in a character, this usually helps balance out the story. Dark, dramatic literature would be the only place this could be brushed away.

Another important sector where confidence is key is in the author’s writing. Tentative words and hesitant sentences drive me crazy. Short, choppy phrases and dialogue with no direction except for filler make me feel that the writer isn’t confident in the story. Trust yourself. If you don’t, find someone who can really help your story find a strong step. A story that has direction and knows it’s foundation keeps me hooked until the very end.

I’m just not a fan of books that don’t give me something to breathe about. If I’m really into a story and it just ends on a huge cliffhanger without taking some of the tension away, I’m bound to become more frustrated with the story. It is usually very obvious when an author is relying on that cliffhanger ending to drive readers to the next book and promote sales instead of honing in on a great story. In some ways, I feel like this technique can diminish trust in your reader and push them away. I know I’ve stopped reading series due to unnecessary extensions in stories.

B: Book Boys and Lady Loves

So, I figure I can go with something a little more fun for this post and utilize two of my very popular posts. This post is from my Book Blog Writing Month challenge and I’ve also linked book boyfriend and lady loves post from a while back.. I should probably go in and update it.

I love to read about strong, well-developed characters… but then there are those characters that come along that really make an impact. Some of

Book BF 2them inspire you to be better, some make you realize that your problems aren’t so bad, and then others make you drool. I’m a married woman, but I have a whole lot of book beaus and babes.

It’s always really exciting for me to find these characters, the ones that make you swoon. But I despise when they’re put in a story for that purpose alone. I like a character to have substance. I don’t find a character woo-worthy if they are stereotypical jerks, thugs without a cause, are Book BFviolent, or don’t respect women/children/animals/other people. A bad boy can be “bad” on the exterior, but there needs to be some kind of promise in him.

I also won’t read a book solely for the purpose of a “hot guy.” No 50 Shades for me; though no judgement to anyone who has read it. To each their own. That’s just not my own.

Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends and lady loves? What draws you in to their character?

A: An Announcement or Two


I am participating in the A To Z Challenge again this year. I did this last year when I was first taking off with my blog, so what better way to get back into the swing of things than to hop on board the alphabet train again? Today’s letter is A! So I have a few announcements to kick this all off.im back doctor

Get back into the swing of things? Well, some of you may have noticed that I went from posting all the time to suddenly being very MIA since the new year started… Well… I’ve got a really good reason… Baby Announcement

Luckily, I’m getting back into the swing of things. My energy is coming back and I’m reading again. (I know! It was so strange going so long without really reading a book for pleasure.)

96d90-into2bthe2bfire_final_highI also finished editing another book for Michele G. Miller: Into The Fire. It is so freakin’ good. I swear. Her books just keep getting better! Best yet, it released this weekend, so you can get a copy of your own!! I will post a review in the next couple of days, but definitely head over to Amazon, B&N, or anywhere else you can get awesome books and pick this one up. You won’t regret it!! Here are some order links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1EOdct4
iBooks: http://bit.ly/1zMsSK8
B&N: http://bit.ly/1Fe6hgv
Kobo: http://bit.ly/18KvWR8


So, since it’s been a while… Let’s kick things off on the right foot… or the left if you’re a marching band geek like me…

It's Wednesday! What are you rading