*Review Requests*

I receive quite a few review requests throughout the year. In an effort to best organize them and ensure your request is received, please submit your requests through this Review Request Link.

Please keep in mind that I will do my best to get to your book in a timely manner, but there may be delays due to heavy volume of reviews and editing jobs that I have scheduled.


Please read my criteria below:

  • This is a review blog. I rarely do cover reveals and promos/blitzes, unless I work directly with an author on their street team or have grown attached to their work. This is nothing personal, this is just the style of my blog.
  • Please be sure to fill in the form below to completion. Reviews submitted without all of the below information may be rejected.
  • I will read almost anything, though I do not review smut/erotica on my blog. My reading preferences range from Children’s/YA/NA/A, paranormal/urban fantasy, contemporary romance, dystopian, suspense, mystery, paranormal, and many more. Generally, I’m very open to reading something new.
  • I prefer PRINT COPIES of books. This also allows more visibility to your book if I decide to use it for a giveaway once the review is complete. If this is not doable, I would prefer a gifted version via Kindle.
  • Due to my schedule, the turn around time for reviews may take a few weeks. I will be in contact with you regarding when I anticipate having a review posted.
  • Once posted, I will also submit a review to my Facebook page, Amazon and Goodreads.
  • I do not accept books in exchange for a promised positive review. I am here to provide honest reviews of the work I read.
  • After I post the review, I will contact you and provide a link. When possible, I will also tag you in the review post on Facebook.
  • There may be times when I do not finish your novel. If this happens, I will reach out to let you know with an explanation why. I will not review a book I have not finished.

Reviewer/Blogger Promise:

  • I will not steal your work. I will not sell it.
  • I will post an honest and respectful review.
  • I will treat you and your work with respect.
  • I will attempt to respond to all review requests I receive.

If you would like to request my editing services, please note that I have a separate survey for this.



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