(E) Editing Update


Today’s post for the A-to-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter E!

(Note: Ironically, I did not check this post for editing errors. After four days at home alone with my son while my husband was on a business trip, I’m lucky I even got the words on the screen for this post! haha)

Just a quick editing update today since it’s been a long week already… Life has been crazy lately, with too many negative events catching up with me and my family to count, lots of illnesses being passed all around and me playing doctor to fix everyone up, and then job hunting.. well, sadly the projects I’m working on were pushed back a bit. Luckily, the two lovely ladies I edit/proof for have been incredibly understanding. Now it’s back to the grind.

  • I just finished proofing Mindy Hayes soon-to-be new release, The Day That Saved Us. It’s a really great coming of age read about  Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

    BEFORE life wasn’t perfect. Peyton Parker was grieving the loss of her father. Brodee Fisher was battling for control over his future with his father. But every summer their families came together to rejuvenate and lose themselves in the salt air of Cape Hatteras. Nothing could put a damper on the sun, sand, and surf.

    AFTER everything changed.

    To add this book to your TBR (to be read) list, go HERE.

  • I’m finishing up re-edits on From The Wreckage by Michele G. Miller, as well.
  • After that, I’m moving on to another fun project of Michele and Mindy’s. 

I’m in the midst of finding some online editing classes to keep my skills so fresh and so clean-clean, so if anyone has any suggestions about online courses I can take, please send them my way.

AND if you’re an author looking for an editor/proofer… Ooo Ooo, pick me! *jumps up and down excitedly* In all seriousness, if you are interested in my services, please reach out to me. You can fill out the survey on my editing page (preferred) or email me at livreit2me@gmail.com.

(A) A-to-Z Challenge

I’m really excited to welcome you to the A to Z Challenge AApril 2016 over here at Livre It To Me! I’ve attempted this challenge twice already, and due to some circumstances beyond my control, along with poor planning, I just dropped off somewhere in the midst. Not this year! I’ve been all about that planning and preparation. Keep in mind, I have an infant at home now, so delays may happen. Let’s just take this one day at a time, shall we?

The A to Z Challenge takes place over the course of the month of April, with a different letter of the alphabet for every day. Friday, 4/1 is A, Saturday, 4/2 is B, Sunday, 4/3 is an off day, Monday, 4/4 is C… You get the picture?

Anywho, I have some really great posts lined up, including interviews with some of my favorite authors, book reviews galore for old and new releases, tips and tricks for bloggers and writers, and a nice hodgepodge of fun posts.

What kinds of posts would you be interested in seeing on my book blog? Looking forward to chatting with you all and checking out everyone else’s blogs!


#BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Prompts and Sign-Ups


Hello everyone and welcome to Book Blog Writing Month! I’m really excited to take part in this challenge. Thanks to Book Bumblings for getting this started! I’ve taken over for Book Bumblings this year and hope you’ll join in! Sorry it’s a little late! If you’re also a book blogger and you are looking for something to do this month to help up your posting activity, feel free to hop on board. You will also notice that I throw in a 30 Days of Thanks, as well. If you want to participate in this, please comment below with your blog link and I will add a list of participating blogs to this post. I know the month is a week in already, but I’d love for you to hop in and participate. You can simply start this challenge now and post multiple prompts at once OR hop in and post day one from today and work into December. 🙂 When posting on social media, please use the tag #BookBlogWriMo2015

Daily Prompts

Daily Prompts Fixed

***A Breakdown***
1 – Talk about your blog from the beginning. If you did this post last year, talk about what has changed over the past year.

2 – Who Are You & Why Are You Blogging?
3 – What Do You Read?
4 – Why Do You Read?
5 – What books do you remember most from childhood?
6 – Most Memorable Book Quotes
7 – Favorite Things To Read About | Least Favorite
8 – What Makes A Book Blog successful?
9 – How do you make sure you stay consistent and post on your blog? Do you schedule? Go with the flow?
10 – What are your top ten favorite books? Why?
11 – What goes on in that bookish mind of yours?
12 – What are some of your favorite book reviews that you’ve written? Link to them.
13 – How do you approach writing negative reviews?
14 – What role do books play in your life?
15 – Do you follow any authors religiously? Are there any authors who you One-Click when a new book comes out?
16 – Do you participate in blog tours or do you review on your own schedule? What makes you review a book?
17 – What is your review process? Do you have a system? How do you come up with your ratings?
18 – What books are on your wishlist that you haven’t purchased yet?
19 – Do you have any book character crushes? Anyone you’d like to exist beyond the pages?
20 – What are some things that really bother you in a book?
21 – Share all of your social media links. Do you have other blogs for other things beyond books? Share those, too!
22 – What books are on your To Be Read list?
23 – e-Reader or Paper? – What’s your reading preference/style?
24 – Share your top ten most popular blog posts of all time.
25 – What are some things you’ve learned over your blogging career? Any advice for new bloggers?
26 – What was the last book you read that left its mark?
27 – What was reading like for you as a kid? How has that changed?
28 – Share pictures of your books. What does your book library look like? Is there any rhyme or reason to it?
29 – Where do you see your blog in the future? What would you like to accomplish over the next year.
30 – Wrap up this experience of BookBlogWriMo. Did you gain anything from it? Any new followers? Are you following anyone new?

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To be added to the list above, please comment on this post and fill out this form with your contact information so I can include you on the BookBlogWriMo contact list!