F: Finders Keepers

imageIt’s no secret. I love books. I’m not the only one in my family who has this love of books. It was passed onto my by my family and hopefully myfrozen book buying meme husband and I will pass it onto our little one(s). I dream of owning a house big enough that I can dedicate an entire room to the smaller scale replication of the Beauty and the Beast library. (Lofty dreams, eh?) This type of book collection growth can be a costly hobby unless you know where to look. I am a HUGE fan of used bookstores, those buy bookslittle hole in the wall places that have wonderful deals and great finds. Yard sales are also another place to find a treasure trove of fun books. I like to look at this type of purchase as a kind of adoption, if you will. I’m adopting these previously owned books and bringing them into my family for future love.

Until I own that massive, drool-worthy library with built-in bookshelves along all of the walls, I should probably make sure there’s a bit more shelf space in my house, huh?

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