Messy Headspaces and Mental Health Awareness

Depression and anxiety do not discriminate. They do not have certain criteria for those upon which they form their parasitic bond. They aren’t divine beings who look at a crowd and say, “I choose that one!” In the words of Dexter, they are “dark passengers” along for the ride, ingrained in a person’s bits and pieces, creeping along in the nooks and crannies for a time unknown.

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Album Review: Voyager by 311

Voyager Album Cover
I’m one of the rare people who can’t really listen to music when I’m feeling something negative. That is, until I discovered 311. For some reason, I can listen to their music regardless of the mood I’m in. It was a great surprise for me. Rock. Reggae. Hip hip. Funk. No way to go wrong there. My favorite of their albums is Uplifter, but their newest album, Voyager, might have actually overtaken for my favorite.

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In the middle.

A little free not-so-great write… but words are few and far between.

In a world that’s constantly cycling between day and night, we’re stuck somewhere in the midst of the altercation, lost without control over what happens when unless you have your head on right. Screw it on tight before it screws you.


Also, 5 months without Facebook has been a welcome journey. It’s incredible how wrapped up in social media we become and how perfectly and intricately painted our lives are on a screen.